Yellow Cafe Langkawi

Yellow Cafe Langkawi, situated beside Langkapuri Inn, is an interesting all-day dining option that transforms into a cosy bar after the sun sets over Pantai Cenang. Proudly marching to its own beat, the vibrant Yellow Cafe clearly stands out for its hip and unpretentious decor, with chairs, walls and even hammocks all in varying shades of yellow. The menu focuses on affordably-priced local and western fare such as salads, croque madame (grilled ham and cheese sandwich served with fried egg), chicken wings, satay sticks, steaks, pastas and pizzas.

Yellow Cafe is divided into three dining concepts: the Steak House Restaurant is comprised of an indoor section with dark wooden furnishings; the Cocktail Bar offers large comfortable sofas, while the Beach Front Lounge is perfect for lounging with a number of triangle Thai pillows, plush beanbags, and hammocks. The unique concept has earned a steady clientele of tourists and locals alike as diners can enjoy a number of activities in Yellow Cafe Langkawi, from enjoying a yummy sandwich during lunch time and reading a book in the hammock to returning for a hearty dinner that’s complemented with a tropical cocktail while watching sun set in Andaman Sea.

Servers are a chatty bunch and there is a very hippie-like atmosphere with guests lounging around in board shorts and bikinis, and the fun vibe and colourful interior design is not the only reason to visit – the food here is, simply put, fantastic. Well-frequented for its meaty steaks and pizzas, the price ranges from RM25 to RM60 for portions that are big enough for two persons. Yellow Cafe Langkawi’s beverage menu is adequate with the usual cafe offerings of fruit juices, coffee and tea, as well as beers and wine.

While it is relatively quiet during the day, Yellow Cafe Langkawi draws in a bigger crowd as the sun begins to set thanks to its happy hour promotion. Diners craving a pint can get two beers for the price of one from 18:00 to 20:00 – a steal considering booze is already dirt cheap in Langkawi Island. During peak periods, the cafe also hosts live bands performing a variety of music genres such as reggae and salsa.

With a winning combination of sumptuous food and casual ambience, Yellow Cafe Langkawi is definitely worth heading over for those looking to mingle with the locals and travellers or to simply unwind and enjoy a relaxing evening by the beach in the cafe’s many hammocks and beanbags.

Yellow Cafe Langkawi

Yellow Cafe Langkawi is located next to Langkapuri Inn in Pantai Cenang. Free parking spaces are available in the vicinity as well.

Opening Hours: Tuesday – Sunday 11:00 – 01:00

Address: Pantai Cenang, PO Box 121, 07000 Langkawi

Tel: +6012 459 3190